Organic Gardening in Tulsa

If you haven't started, it's time to get your garden going. Now there's a one stop shop to turn your garden green in Tulsa. Grogg's Green Barn is a newly opened garden center and all about organic. It's located near 61st street and Mingo road in east Tulsa.

"There is a movement it's big on the east coast, it's big on the west coast," says Kelly Grogg, owner of Grogg's Green Barn. "Oklahoma, we are finally starting to catch on."The new building is eco-friendly, collecting rain water using recycling old wooden planks shelves. Soon Grogg hopes to put in solar panels. The building is as green as the plants are inside and out. "You wont see 20 flats of petunias you may only see four flats but you'll also see a whole lot of variety of petunias or you will see different types of species that you wouldn't see anywhere else," says Grogg.

It's more about quality than quantity. Grogg explains that most of their plants are grown without chemicals and they even have a section of native Oklahoma plants that barely need tending to.

This is the kind of help that people like the Williams family are looking for. "We have no idea what we are doing, we have no idea," says Philip Williams a customer of Grogg's.The Williams are looking to cure a weed and ant problem in their veggie garden.

"I'd go to the big store and they are so big of a selection and it doesn't seem like everybody really knows what they are talking about," says Williams. So he decided to try to garden organically because of their kids but they don't know how to become organic.{}{} If you just want to learn the basics of organic gardening the Green Barn does offer gardening classes.{}

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