PETA Loves ONEOK Stadium

The Tulsa drillers are headed to playoffs. And they also just received an award from a group that might surprise you.

For the third year in a row, {}Peta has named the ONEOK field in the top ten for vegetarian friendly ballparks.

Channel 8's Kim Jackson takes us behind the scenes to see the chef hitting a homerun.

Who ever heard of tabouli and hummus{}at a baseball game? Well, it is a reality here and what sets this stadium apart.

Executive Chef Cody Malone says he can make anything for your trip to the ballpark, hot dogs hamburgers, even vegetarian dogs and burgers.

"You'd be surprised who is eating healthy these days. Everyone wants to eat healthy, entertain and have a good time," he said.

He can also throw down a hummus and tabouli platter--for your palate.

I had to try it out for myself along with Driller G.M. Mike Melega.

"It's very good. This is a good substitute for sure," said Melega.

It was good enough to get an award from PETA for being a top ten vegetarian baseball fields. That goes a long way, for the Drillers image, in their new location.

"When we came down here, the most important thing for me from a food and beverage standpoint was to have a great variety. So we explored all stadiums and what they were doing what was working for them and what was not. And{}at the end of the day we came up with a something for everyone attitude," said Melega.

They even reached out to the locals.

"We sat with a group of vegans and vegetarians here in Tulsa and sort of found out what they like to eat when they go to a ball game and found out they want to eat the same things everyone else, {}hot dogs {}and hamburgers. So we started there and added options after that," said Jason Wilson, food services director.

They've knocked the ball out the field, on the field and in the kitchen.

{}They're hoping to next year they can have a real salad bar, outside for everyone.

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