Phone App Helps Police Locate Burglary Suspect

A Tulsa man was booked into jail late Friday evening after allegedly stealing his ex-girlfriend's vehicle along with several other personal items.

When police arrived on scene to the victim's location, the victim said that when she woke up, her iPhone, wallet and keys were missing. Also missing was the victim's car and and a bag containing work documents.

The victim suspected the man responsible for the burglaries was her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Pool. The victim told police she broke up with Pool several months ago because he kept stealing her things.

The responding police officer used the Find My iPhone app, which placed the stolen phone at the QuikTrip located at 1443 South Denver. There, the officer located Pool along with the stolen car and stolen items.

Pool was arrested on complaints of first degree burglary, the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and stolen property and he is being held on $24,500 bond.

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