Photograph Works To Save Dogs From Kill Shelters

It'sno secret that Oklahoma has a huge number of unwanted dogs.

Fartoo often, they end-up being put to death by the workers at crowdedanimal shelters, who have very little choice in the matter.

Butin Bartlesville, photographer Sherry Stinson is doing all she can, tomake sure that doesn't happen.

She'susing her professional skills to create beautiful images of thosedogs.

Stinsonhad a successful business doing pet photos, when she realized thatshe had an opportunity to give back to the community and express herlove for animals.

She'snow working with rescue groups all over this area, to give abandonedanimals a chance for a new life.

Ona recent weekday, we visited with her as she photographed a number ofdogs in a Bartlesville park.

Severalwere homeless Pit Bulls, with great dispositions.

Butshe says that may not show to a shelter visitor, when the dogs arelocked up behind chain metal fencing.

Sherrysees it as her job to bring out the animals' personalities, soadoptive families can see how much they have to offer.

Mostare decorated with brightly-colored bandanas

ThenSherry does her part, with waving, whistling and the generous use ofsqueak toys.

Shesays she's proud that they've had so much success placing dogs, thatcome from kill shelters.

Stinsonwill tell you that every dog is special.

Sothey want to do all they can, to make sure that every dog is safe ina good home.

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