Planned "Back-In" Parking on Riverside New to Tulsa

Are you good at driving in reverse? You will need to be with a new plan to add parking along Riverside Drive. It calls for "back-in" parking spots.

113 new parking spots are proposed along Riverside, north of Denver Avenue. There would be a combination of parallel and back-in spots.

This would be the first back-in parking in Tulsa. There are many advantages. You can fit more cars in the angled spots than in parallel. It's also easier for bikers or mom to unload gear from their trunk safely on the grass.

Tom Dittus, Managing Partner at the Blue Rose Cafe, said when their seats are full, the parking lots are overflowing.

"We do hear from time to time, it's really tough when we come down there -- if we drive -- to find a place to park," said Dittus.

He knows easy parking will keep customers coming back.

"The whole idea of building business on the river front is a great idea, but you can't do it without parking," said Dittus. "We don't want to destroy the integrity of the park by any means. We don't want concrete jungle out here."

Tulsa Traffic Operations Manager, Mark Brown, thinks he has a solution, adding parallel and back-in parking along the existing road.

"It's a pretty harmless way to gain a lot more parking along a corridor that's unused now as far as parking," said Brown.

The city would move the center line over four feet to make room for the spots. They would add signs to help Tulsans understand the new parking and possibly lower the speed limit in the area.

"We've got to get public by-in to the concept," said Brown. "That's the way it has to work to benefit and be safe for all that are using the parking area."

The back-in slots will have a 30-degree angle and should be easier to park in than a traditional angled spot.

The plan will cost approximately $10,000, relatively low cost because the city would just need to re-stripe the road.

Brown said if people don't like the back-in parking, the striping could easily be reversed later.

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