Police Call Casey Anthony Lookalike Attack a Rumor

The victim is a 26 year old mother and wife from the small town of Chouteau. Sammay Blackwell says this whole thing has really been blown out of proportion and even the police agree with that.Around 10:30 last Friday night Chouteau police get called to a 2 car collision right in the middle of town. The victim is alright but shook up. The suspect took off after parking her beat up van and fleeing on foot. It all started at a gas station about an hour before. Blackwell, who is the manager at the gas station says the suspect, Shireen Nalley, came in to buy gas. While she was in the store Blackwell says Nalley said nothing to her but was staring at her the whole time.{}{}{}{} {}"I was pulling out of my parking spot I noticed her staring right at me and I mean she was staring right at me," says Blackwell. Nalley struck Blackwell's pickup causing it to flip over. The accident is not why we are covering the story. It's the fallout from the media's attention. {}{}{} {}"I later spoke with her {Nalley} and asked her what had happened and why she had done that," says Officer Justin Allen with the Chouteau Police. "All she said was she didn't like people that hurt babies."The story came out that Nalley had attacked Blackwell because she thought she was Casey Anthony. Blackwell says that's not true."Miss Nalley, the suspect, never said I was Casey Anthony and that's why she did it," says Blackwell. "She only stated that she did it because I was killing babies or hurting babies and she was going to stop it."In the police report we obtained through Chouteau Police it mentions nothing of Casey Anthony or about looking like Anthony. It does say that Nalley said "I was trying to save the children."Elizabeth Matthews, News Channel 8: "So nothing mentioned of Casey Anthony?"Officer Justin Allen, Chouteau Police Department:"Nothing was every mentioned to law enforcement about Casey Anthony."Elizabeth Matthews, News Channel 8:"In your investigation was there any muttering of the name Casey Anthony?"Officer Justin Allen, Chouteau Police Department:"As far as I know no, to me absolutely not there was not.{} I spoke to my partner about it last night he advised me there was nothing mentioned to him about her either."Elizabeth Matthews News Channel 8:"Where did this come from?"Officer Justin Allen, Chouteau Police Department:"I do not know."Blackwell says the rumor started when a bystander at the accident scene briefly mentioned to her, maybe she thought you looked like Casey Anthony. Others overheard this statement and the theory spread like wildfire."It's like that game telephone the back and forth, it's like I'm talking and people are only listening to what they want to hear or what they think people want to hear," says Blackwell. She finds the whole media explosion overwhelming and kind of silly."Casey Anthony is still in jail for all we know 1,500-2,000 miles away from Oklahoma, why would she be working at a gas station?" says Blackwell. News Channel 8 also spoke to District Attorney Janice Steidley who says the "Casey Anthony lookalike" motive is a rumor. Officers say Nalley is in jail and she has an criminal history in New Mexico. She is facing several charges including assault and battery with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of a vehicle collision, resisting arrest and reckless driving. {}{}{} {}In a strange twist Blackwell does have a daughter who's name is Caylee.

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