Racing Community Mourns Donnie Ray Crawford III

A family and a community are grieving a tragic double murder this weekend.

Donnie Ray Crawford the Third, 24, was killed when his grandfather reportedly shot him at the family's home in Broken Arrow.

Crawford was loved by the Chili Bowl racing community, but it's one young woman who owes her life him.

She was a young race car driver in 2008. And on her very first race, Harli White came face to face with death when she crashed, flipping her car which then caught fire.

"I ran out there everything just seemed to slow down.

It was an angel to the rescue.

"Is that Donnie Ray, she's still in there running to pull him out, Oh my God."

Hali thought that was the end of racing and her life.

"I don't know what made him get up and go, reach in that fire and pull me out, I don't know he's God's angel."

As Hali recovered, the hero and angel, Donnie Ray became like a big brother. He'd already started moving in with her family to attend OU, then tradegy struck and Donnie Ray was gone.

"He didn't deserve this but everything happens for a reason you just gotta find faith in God and know that ."

Hali sets the record straight for the family and says what ended Donnie Ray's life was not a domestic argument at the family's home.

"They wanted us to say that there was no confrontation there was no fight or argument between Donnie Ray and his grandpa."

But Hali says Daniel Garcia had mental health issues and had been off his medication.

"She said that her dad walked in and struck a gun to the back of Donnie Ray and shot him I guess Donnie Ray turned around toward her dad and said whoa or what and just fell to the ground. "

It's a loss they will never get over.

"I still cant' believe it doesn't seem right."

Funeral arrangements for Donnie Ray have not been set.{}

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