Rebuilding Together Tulsa Completes 1000th Home

More than 300 hundred volunteers have stepped up this year to help out fourteen homes as apart of Rebuilding Together Tulsa. The homeowners of the 1000th rebuild says everything they are doing is priceless.

Brenda Bargas has been living in her home for more than 20 years and its needed work. Now she's getting it. Bargas says that this is the most heart warming experience she has ever been through."To know that there are so many good people around still in this troubled time we are looking at that this many people still care about someone else," says Brenda Bargas.The coat of paint and new flooring she got are amazing. To see the smiling faces is why so many got involved.{}"I am in the construction business and just being able to help people. I mean it's something that I can give back and help these people stay in their homes and maybe they can't afford it or physically can't do it themselves," says RTT Board Chair, Charles Foster.{}Those factors are the reasons that Bargas needed the help.{}"I use to do this type of work when I was younger. I'm older now and I just can't do it," says Bargas.Bargas says she will ask her family to step up and help others because these volunteers did so much for her. Volunteers from PSO are working on this home. Twelve of them came out to do all the work and those volunteers are happy to rebuild someone's future.{}"We want to make sure they leave the house fixed for her and that she feels good about coming home. She has pride in the ownership of her home," says PSO volunteer, Mary Jackson.Some of them even climbed up high to get the job done.{}"You would hate to do all this work on this house and then turn around and see of not all the trim got done," says Jackson.Rebuilding Together Tulsa helps about two hundred families each year.{}RTT picks people based on income, owning their own home, living in the city limits and most of the recipients are over 60 and some are living with a disability.


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