Recovery Efforts in Carney After Tornado Destroys 40 Homes

On Sunday night a tornado went through the town of Carney. It destroyed or damaged about 40 homes.

When you look out at the area there are homes in every direction that show some kind of damage. Some of the families that have lived there for 17 years and have never been through anything like this. They didn't even have enough time to get their family in the shelter.

"After the storm went by I said, 'Gene' and he said, 'I'm under something, I can't move.' He had the entertainment center, a big tree trunk on him, and the wall," says Lois Pyle.

Now volunteers are working on finding anything and everything they can

"We are going out to see what those families need and when that information comes back to us, we send out teams to go out and meet those needs," says command center coordinator for First Baptist Church, Angie Lawhead.

These volunteers have found several things in the Pyle's house, but Lois is hoping for one certain thing.

"I hope they find the bag that all my earrings are in," says Pyle.

But the best news for Lois was that her two dogs were pulled out just yesterday, alive.

"It means a lot because our whole family is back together. They are part of our family. We were going to take them to the shelter with us," says Pyle.

The First Baptist Church in Carney is doing everything they can. There is a group watching clothes and feeding volunteers and people without food and most people aren't surprised so many are here to help.

"That's one thing about Oklahoma, they are great like this," says Pyle.

The church is still looking for people that can help remove trees and clean up debris. If you can help contact them at 207 N Carney St, Carney, OK 74832 and by phone at 405-865-2702.

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