Man Receives Two Life Sentences for Best Buy Shooting

Willie Wise

A man found guilty of first degree murder for a shooting outside a Best Buy in 2012 returned to court Monday morning.

Both sides in Willie Wise's case returned to a Tulsa County courtroom for formal sentencing. Wise was given two life sentences without parole.

Previous reports from KTUL state that Wise was found guilty in March for his role in the shooting that left two men dead. His jail time will run consecutively.

Jeremy Foster, the second man accused of taking part in the shooting, will return to court for his jury trial in June.

Authorities previously said that shots were fired from the parking lot. One bullet hit Norman in the parking lot and another struck Brown inside the store.

Police said 34-year-old Norman was the intended target. Brown was an innocent bystander.

Surveillance video showed that the shooter ambushed Norman in the parking lot and fired multiple rounds. At least one bullet hit Norman in the back.

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