Sexual Abuse Charges Dismissed for McAlester Jehovah's Witness Elder

The case against a McAlester Jehovah's Witnesses elder accused of sexually violating children was dismissed in Pittsburg County court as of Feb. 26, according to court records.

Judge James D. Bland granted the dismissal of the defendant on a state objection. Court records show that the prosecutor intends to appeal the decision.

Ronald Lawrence, 74, faced 19 counts for allegedly abusing children from the church about 30 years ago.

Court documents report a woman came forward at the end of August 2013, saying the abuse began when she was eight years old. She said Lawrence fondled her and made her touch him.

Police said Lawrence is suspected of abusing four children between the ages of seven and 13. There were two boys and two girls. Police said there may be more victims.

Court documents allege Lawrence abused children in a bath tub, pool, and lake. They report he used a wooden spoon to violate one of the girls.

Court documents say the church dis-fellowshipped Lawrence from the church years ago when allegations surfaced. He reportedly admitted to the wrongdoing in order to be reinstated. Lawrence denied most of the abuse to police.

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