Some Sex Offenders Could Be Removed From Registry

Do you know how many registered sex offenders live in your neighborhood? Hundreds of offenders could be removed from the list, because of a state supreme court ruling.

Right now, you can search for registered sex offenders on your cell phone or your computer. They are listed on maps and by name. It turns out some registered sex offenders should have been scratched off the list years ago, according a recent ruling.

Sex offenders are required to report periodically depending on the severity of their crime--so that law enforcement knows where they live and here they work. But in 2006 federal laws took effect and many offenders on the verge of Completing their time, received retroactive sentences. Now the state supreme court says that was not fair.

First and second tier offenders could have their names removed, if they meet certain criteria.The worst offenders will remain on list until death.

The state has a list and so do most counties and cities. Experts say you should take a look.

"Just for my safety, not to go out and say you're a sex offender, I'm going to post everything on your doors. Just for your peace of mind, your safety and the safety of your children. At least you would know, hey, I need to keep an eye on my children," explained Sgt. Judy Pounds, of the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

For now, all names will stay there. State workers will contact agencies once they ffigureout which names should be removed.

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