Teenager Mourns Death of 12-Year-Old Friend Killed in Crash

Family and friends are mourning the death of two sisters killed in a crash. The accident happened late Saturday night near the intersection of East 21st Street and Highway 169. At first police told us a woman and a child died, but the Tulsa Police Department has since corrected that information.

On Monday we found out 12- year -old Jacqueline Avina and her sister 16- year- old Maria Berenice Avina are the girls who were killed in the crash.

"It makes me sad," Ailin Hernandez said.

Hernandez reminisced about the times her friend and neighbor 12 -year- old Jacqueline would come over and play.

"We use to have a lot of fun and now I won't have almost nobody to play with me," Hernandez said.

Hernandez spent time with Jacqueline a couple weeks ago, but she never thought it would be the last time she saw her friend.

On Saturday night Jacqueline was riding in the back seat of a car with her sister 16- year -old Maria Berenice and their baby niece. While her 18- year -old brother and the baby's father Jesus Avina drove alongside his 16- year -old girlfriend. It was near the intersection of 21st and Highway 169 where their lives changed forever.

"They didn't do anything wrong. there had been no drinking in that car. Nothing. The only thing basically they did wrong was not wear their seat belts," said Cpl. Brian Collum with the Tulsa Police Department.

Cpl. Collum said 38 -year -old Christina Cantrell ran a red light and smashed her Chevy Tahoe into the family car. The impact caused the car to spin and strike a light post.

"In that process three of the juveniles in the back seat were ejected because they weren't wearing their seat belts," Cpl. Collum said.

The crash tore the Avina family apart. Claiming the life of Jacqueline and her older sister Maria Berenice.

According to Cpl. Collum, as of Monday afternoon the girls brother Jesus was in the hospital with non- life threatening injuries.

His 8- month- old baby and his girlfriend are also in the hospital in stable condition.

On the night of the crash officers arrested the driver accused of causing the accident. They arrested Cantrell on two complaints of manslaughter, driving under the influence and some other offenses.

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