Tulsa Man Accused of Using Facebook to Lure Women into Apartment

A Tulsa man is behind bars Friday accused of luring women to his apartment using Facebook.

Police arrested Ashley Pullen Thursday evening and booked him into the jail for two complaints of first degree rape and one count of attempted rape.

Booking information states that officers were made aware of Pullen's activities on Facebook after his victims approached police.

Pullen reportedly used the name "Corey Davis" and exchanged messages with the women. He invited them over to his apartment and told them he was Davis' roommate.

Victims told police that Pullen offered them shots of vodka during their time at the apartment. Moments later they would black out and he would assault them, according to the booking report.

One of the women told police during her interview that she thought Pullen put something in her drink.

Neighbors Channel 8 spoke with at the Bradford Apartments had not heard of the arrest yet but were startled to hear the news.

"Well, it's shocking because, you know, I have a nine-year-old daughter," said resident Beverly Kelly.

Tulsa Police said Pullen is a suspect in 10 sexual assault cases.

Officer Leland Ashley suggested that in light of the investigation, social media users exercise extreme caution.

"I would always suggest if you're going to meet someone, maybe meet them at a public place. You know, get some more information from them, so you can do your own background investigation," Ashley said.

Pullen is now being held on a total $150,000 bond.

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