Tulsa State Fair: How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is at the Tulsa State Fair and we're not just talking about the music or even the food.

We're talking about the art.. or sugar art as it is.

People have come from all over to judge and participate in the fabulous creations at the 19th Annual Sugar Arts Show.

This year's theme is 'WEDDING CAKES ROCK.'

"Not only do I want a cake that's fabulous to look at I want it perfect I want an artistic value about it that is setting it apart from the others", says Kerry Vincent, with the Sugar Art Show.

The show is the largest of its kind in the world.

Winners are named for the best of the best in various categories.

This year's big winner is Gary Silverthorn from Michigan with his creation called "Majestic Glory."

If you want to check out the Sugar Art Show the specially decorated cakes are located inside the I-P-E Building.

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