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Tulsa's Most Wanted Criminals

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Tulsa police are searching for a handful of criminals and asking for your help. Every week the Tulsa Police Department releases a most wanted individual. On the department's top ten to catch- a drug dealer, robbers and murderers.

On the radar of the Tulsa Police, Charlie Noriega who is wanted in the shooting of 23 year old Jason Crowder.

"There's a family that's out there and waiting for justice," says Tulsa police officer Jason Willingham.

"When he was laying in his bed and he was passing away I kissed him and told him that I would be his voice and I wouldn't rest until he had his justice," says Jason's mom, Cindy.

She thinks of her son everyday. Cindy says Jason could light up the room with his smile and he loved his family. While Jason did have some trouble with the law his death was uncalled for.

"He wasn't an angel but he paid for what he did my son didn't deserve to die not at 23," says Cindy. "I gave my son a headstone for his 24th birthday, no mother should have to do that."

Charlie Noriega is on Tulsa Police's Top Ten Most Wanted list. He is surrounded by all sorts of criminals. Those making the list are the ones that continuously cause harm to the community.

"Some of them are violent offenders some of them are not violent offenders but have just made a significant impact on the crime rate in the city of Tulsa," says Willingham.

Willingham says with Most Wanted lists, the idea is to get the community looking. Dozens of tips come in from the public and do help catch criminals but some of the tips lead nowhere. They have received tips on Noriega but he's still not behind bars.

"There's several of the Top Ten Most Wanted that we get that information and we get there and we just miss them," says Willingham.

While it's the police departments job to help protect citizens. It's District Attorney Tim Harris's job to help prosecute and he says the community also has a job.

"We will regain the peace and tranquility in Tulsa, Oklahoma if we all realize this is all of our responsibility," says District Attorney Tim Harris.

Jason's mom says while she can't believe it's been 7 months, she believes that justice is out there.
"I am pleading with you if you see any of the them not just my son's killer nay of them one call would make all the difference in the world to someone," says Cindy.

Three of the ten have been arrested. Including a "career criminal" who is responsible for several burglaries. Crimestoppers has given out $11,000 in tip reward money.

If you have any information on any of these wanted suspects please contact local police, call 596-COPS.

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