Valentine's Day Means Love, Marriage and Divorce

Oklahoma is pushing for stronger marriages. We could soon see marriage covenants offered for couples who want higher standards of commitment, with tougher requirements for divorce.

Valentines day is one holiday that shows both sides of love and war.

You might wonder who thinks about divorce on Valentine's Day. It might surprise you but a nice bouquet of flowers could cost you well over a hundred dollars delivered. Getting divorced could cost you close to the same price.

Marriages at the Tulsa County courthouse have increased dramatically. In 2010 judges married 22 couples. In 2012, 838 couples were wed by judges.

On a day of love, couples are signing up to get married, while others are filing for divorce.

Anita Dobson was there and has no lawyer, just a will and a desire to get out of her marriage.

Divorce lawyers say take your time getting married. And they say get out, if the relationship is unhealthy.

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