Waiting Child: Caring For Animals With Adrian

Thanks to Dr. Erin Carley and Dr. John Lasarsky at the Mannford Animal Clinic, Adrian got a first hand opportunity to see what it's like to be a veterinarian. Sixteen-year-old Adrian cares as much for the animals as anyone can. And it's his love for animals that's helped him already choose a career path.

"It was pretty fun, I got to interact with the animals and talk with people who know what they're doing," says Adrian.

In addition to being very caring and hardworking, Adrian is also very intelligent. A sophomore, he loves history but it's science and math where his real interests lie. In fact, knowing how important each is in the medical field, Adrian says he's ready to up the ante.

"I'm doing that already, but i can improve so I'm going to make the best to improve."

Like all of us, Adrian is looking for someone that can provide a safe home environment and unconditional love. He would also like a home with siblings that are his age or older and of course, animals. A situation he says animals can relate too.

"If animals have someone there to actually love and care for them, they're pretty nice. I feel like everyone should have someone there to care for them."

If you're interested in being there for Adrian, or any of our children, just call... 1-800-376-9729.


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