Warm Weather, Dry Season, Don't Feel Like Christmas

If it seems a little warm, you should know we are on track for one of the warmest years, ever. And although we saw one or two sprinkles, we are dreadfully dry this season. All of this, in the middle of the holiday season.

The weather may be affecting you, in ways you never considered. We all know money doesn't grow on trees, but now, because of the weather, it could have an impact on your shrubs flowers and trees.

Because it has been so warm, you may see fresh buds, on their way to nowhere. The first freeze will zap them. And it has been so dry, that your plants and shrubs may dry up because they don't have a water reserve for their own protection.

The holly trees may look good now, but they could wilt--too.

And what about retail sales? Some stores are still waiting on shoppers to get in the spirit. Customers say the nice weather is making them spend more.

You may have to spend more money on your lawn, because some of your plants may not survive--without water to feed their roots.

"When that plant needs to come out of dormancy in the spring, he uses those plump roots to do it, and if those roots are dried up, he may struggle to come out, if he comes out at all," said Brian Jervis of the O.S.U. Extension Center

Experts say water your grass, flowers and trees once a week, to deal with the dry conditions.

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