Water Breaks Take Toll on Workers

    Maybe you have seen more orange cones. It could be because of water line breaks.

    Overnight there were 9 water breaks called in. Today crews dealt with 14-altogether, plus any new ones.

    Channel's Kim Jackson says your habits may be part of the problem.

    Right now the ground is hot and dry and shifting, breaking water lines. But we are also using more water and causing more scenes like this one.

    When a waterline breaks---water is wasted. And Tulsa ns are already close to water rationing.

    And now, it seems we're putting too much pressure on pipes.

    "You got the ground cracking and shifting, and you have, we are maxing our system out. We are trying to pump as much water as our customers need," said Rick Caruthers, City of Tulsa.

    In July, there were 185 water breaks.

    This one--and eight others were nine new ones--from overnight.

    Crews are working overtime.

    "When we get in this time of year we start moving shifts around like these guys typically work four, ten hour shifts, we are now working five ten hour shifts, an extra shift to make sure our customers are back in water as quickly as possible,"said Caruthers.

    Yes, customers go without water, when this happens. That is one reason workers say they stand the heat. for citizens.

    "This is when the public is happy to see us come out. You know especially if their water break has been running a day or two because we don't have crews. When they get someone to show up and fix it they are happy to see us," said Rick Christie.{}

    20- to 16 breaks a day, has become the norm. Workers say it doesn't do any good to complain, so they ask you to be patient.

    You can help by conserving water.

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