OSBI: No Arrests in Sentinel Police Chief Shooting

    Sentinel Police Chief Louis Ross

    KOKH and Associated Press

    OSBI says they have gone through phones at the home where they thought the bomb threat originated and found the phone calls did not come from that location.

    OSBI says the man who shot a Sentinel police chief will not be arrested at this time. Agents interviewed the man and believe he was unaware it was officers entering his home.

    Police say the Sentinel Police Chief Louis Ross was shot three times in the chest and once in the arm as he and two Washita County deputies were investigating the home of a bomb threat suspect around 6 a.m. Thursday. The home was located on the 200 block of S. 4th.

    After the suspect shot numerous rounds, police say he surrendered to officers.

    According to police, the bomb threat was against the local Head Start Program.

    Mayor Sam Dlugonski says Ross was wearing a bullet proof vest.

    OSBI says a Washita County Deputy had loaned that vest to the chief just before they entered the suspect's home. They say that vest saved his life.

    Ross is currently being treated at Hobart Hospital for his arm wound.

    Police say they took the couple living in the home in for questioning, but decided not to arrest anyone at this time. OSBI is still investigating.

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