Wildfire Season Underway; Red Cedars Big Threat

    The problem has already started as danger takes root under ground. "And you see the little green red cedars coming up through this?"

    Carolyn Smythe identifies the enemy. "When these go up they go up like a bomb," says Smythe.

    Symthe is a volunteer with the Freedom Hill Fire Department, which was one of many from across the state that helped battle the destructive fires last august. this year, she's on the front lines of another battle...telling people how to stop the fires before they ever start sometimes it's through the stories and loss of property, what happened to one woman.

    "She had burned a large brush pile, it had been four or five days and she just couldn't believe that ash could still be that hot. The fire chief confirms the danger of any kind of burning and says it's just too dry even for setting fire to trash. Kevin Smythe is the Freedom Hill Fire Chief.

    "I would advise getting a trash service instead of burning the trash like a lot of people have done in the past."

    Fires have started this way more than once. "And then you think you have it all in the barrel, then when it explodes and sends those little cinders everywhere then you have a grassfire. We all have seen what those can do.

    "Are you willing to take the risk because if its determined that it started from your trash barrel you will be liable."

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