Woman Shot After Laser Pointer Shines into Her Home

Tulsa Police responded to a shooting on the 6300 block of North Denver at approximately 10:30 p.m. Thursday evening.

Police say a 50-year-old woman went out her back door to investigate a laser pointer being shined on her house.

Philip Klimcak, 23, is the woman's son. He identified her as Dawn Adams. He said she had asked someone to stop shining the laser at her home, because it was upsetting the family's dogs. Then, he said the family heard gunshots and feared the person had shot the dogs in the backyard.

Klimcak and Adams went outside. They saw someone on the vacant lot behind their home.

"In that field right there, somebody just comes out of the blue in a bunch of dark clothes, it looked to me, and started shooting," Klimcak said. He said he pushed his mother back towards the door to protect her, when a bullet fired through the home and struck her lower leg.

Klimcak said he turned off the lights to make it more difficult for the suspect to shoot his family members.

Police interviewed neighbors but do not have a good description of the suspect. Klimcak said someone at the scene mentioned the possibility of a gang initiation.

Police believe the shooter used a pistol rather than a high-power rifle with a laser.

His mother was home from the hospital after a couple hours and is recovering.

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