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Burt MummoloReporter

Connect With Burt Mummolo

Hello and thanks for visiting my bio page.

Hopefully you're here because you want to send me a story idea. That would be wonderful. Finding stories is a constant challenge and the best ones come from folks like you emailing us rather than a press release about a ribbon cutting. So please, email me something now. And yes, you can remain confidential.

As for my story, I was born in Tulsa, went to Bishop Kelley High School, then to Boston College.

After college I worked in a law firm for a few years, waited tables for at an Italian restaurant, and took part in a cable access show in Newton, Mass. Part of that show involved doing human interest stories, which is eventually what led to me working on Newton News, which I did for three years.

Lubbock, Texas was my next stop. Home of Buddy Holly, Texas Tech, Prairie Dogs and KCBD. I was there for two years and had a wonderful time. Speed Zappers forever!

I've been at News Channel 8 since 2004 and won a couple of awards along the way with names and acronyms including; Murrow, Emmy, AP, OKSPJ, OAB, and perhaps most impressively, second place at the world cow chip throwing competition (media division - ok, not so impressive).

I'm also the caretaker of my Basset Hound, Daisy, and a chicken named Gertrude.