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#BullyingIsNotOK: Raising awareness about bullying in Green Country

#BullyingIsNotOK is a campaign made possible by a partnership with Tulsa's Anti-Bullying Collaboration and Route 66 Chevrolet and Nissan. (KTUL)


It can happen to anyone at any age and often occurs between school-aged children. It’s unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power that is usually repeated over time.

Bullying can negatively impact self-confidence, safety, academic success and social relationships, and adults play an important role in preventing it.

In partnership with Tulsa’s Anti-Bullying Collaboration and Route 66 Chevrolet and Nissan, KTUL will raise awareness in our community about the importance of bullying prevention and provide our viewers with resources and ideas on how to handle bullying when it occurs.


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