Neile's Hometown Heroes: Sarah Parrack, Union High School's star drama student

    Sarah Parrack earns Student Council Representative of The Year for Union High School

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- As high school seniors prepare for college this fall, at least one Union student is making sure she leaves her school better than she found it.

    Her drama coach, Troy Powell, says she's a game changer.

    "I literally came in today and I was like 'Oh I'm struggling man. I'm, just I'm so tired. I had so much to do on the weekend', and she was like 'Buck up. We gotta go. We got stuff to do today. You better figure it out it's going to be OK.' And I'm like, 'Yes ma'am'."

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    Classmates like Madison Starkweather say, "She's the sweetest and most caring person I've ever met."

    They're talking about Sarah Parrack. A drama student, a member of the student council and a natural leader.

    She says, "I like to be brave and be healthy and be good and be kind."

    Sarah has given this drama department new life and in return, they've given her no special treatment.

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    Sarah's Dad David says, "It's really given her a place of belonging and where she is just a kid. She's not different in drama. She's just one of the gang and so that's meant a lot to us to our family."

    Sarah has Down Syndrome and on her own merit has proven she can handle the stage.

    "A week in she like had all her lines learned and then she goes, 'I'm going to audition now for the musical' and I was like 'OK our musicals are like 140 people, it's gigantic it's huge'. She goes, 'I got it'. She goes up, she does her little monologue and at the end of it, she's like 'I nailed it' and I'm like 'Yes you did great!" explains Powell.

    All while showing her drama buddies they're more alike than different.

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    Maddy O'Shaughnessy says, "She was made for this you know. I don't think that drama has changed her. I think that she has changed this program."

    And if anyone forgets their lines, well let's just say Sarah will make sure they get it right the next time.

    In fact, according to Powell, "She pulls everybody together, like we all want to work harder for her."

    Sarah heads to the University of Missouri at Kansas City this fall but says she'll be back for every drama performance to cheer on her friends.

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