Wonder Bread announces donation to Coffee Bunker

The Wonder Bread balloon pictured over ONEOK field April 2, 2016 (KTUL / Amy Bryant)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) - In conjunction with the Tulsa International Balloon Festival, Wonder Bread has announced a plan to donate money to the Coffee Bunker.

The festival, which starts Thursday, will feature a large carnival, music, shopping, food and hot air balloons.

The festival has pledged a $5 donation to the Coffee Bunker for every photo of the Wonder Bread balloon shared on social media with the hashtag #SpotTheWonder. The minimum donation is $1,000.

The Coffee Bunker is a non-profit organization for veterans and their families to get support and connect with others like them.

In addition to the donation to the Coffee Bunker, a local veteran and their family will get a special flight in the Wonder Balloon during the Memorial Day weekend event.

The first balloons for passenger rides launch Friday afternoon. You can purchase tickets here.

The Wonder Balloon will be piloted by Chris Sabia and his wife Amanda.

So how big is the balloon? More than 90 feet high and 75 feet wide when fully inflated!

40 different balloons will be featured at the Tulsa International Balloon Festival.

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