Waiting Child: At home with Christian

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    “Apache is okay, she just gets spooked a little now and then,” reassured Christian as he held the horse’s reigns in his left hand and patted its muzzle with his right. Keith visited Christian at the Tulsa Boy’s home.

    Christian is a 17-year-old boy that loves working with horses. While he’s not quite the horse whisperer; he is certainly equipped with years of experience handling the animals. “They can understand humans. When you look at them, they’ll look back. It’s like a greeting to them,” explained Christian.

    The horses certainly reciprocate love with Christian. “Sometimes I give them apples. Sometimes I give Pistol two. He’s the one I like most. He listens, he’s fast and obedient. I can trust him and he trusts me.”

    Christian performs well in the classroom. He loves history and science. His grades are very good, he’s thinking about completing his GED. After that? “I could go to trade school. Become a carpenter. My grandfather was a carpenter and I would help him. I’m very artistic and like dealing with wood.”

    He would also like dealing with a loving family. He says, “I really wish there wouldn’t be a lot of yelling. I was raised with yelling, it was chaotic.”

    If you have a place in your forever home for Christian or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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