Waiting Child: Basketball with Brenda

    Sky Zone was a perfect place to hang out with 12-year old Brenda in this weeks Waiting Child. (KTUL)

    Tulsa, OKLA. - Ever have a child with boundless energy? Take them to Sky Zone off of Memorial in Tulsa. It was the perfect place to hang out and share some fun for 12-year old Brenda.

    "It was awesome," she said.

    She also enjoyed finding out what it's like to fly high on the basketball court. Her favorite part, though? "Probably me dunking the ball," she said.

    At school she loves math and hanging out with her friends.

    At home, life is easy. "I like to watch TV when I get home because I'm lazy. I play two different sports, so I'm basically active and like to play outside."

    Keith asked her if she had to choose one sport what would it be. She responded, "Basketball because I know a lot more NBA players."

    When it comes to what Brenda wants in a family, it's pretty simple.

    "Loving, kind family. If I need something, they would be able to listen to me."

    What about siblings? "I wouldn't like to be the oldest, but I wouldn't like to be the youngest. So in between."

    If you have a place in your home for Brenda or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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