Waiting Child: Caring for pets with Kevin

Kevin learned a lot about dogs and cats at Tulsa Animal Welfare. (KTUL)

Keith got the opportunity to hang out with Kevin at Tulsa Animal Welfare and he seized it. Kevin is a compassionate and bright 12-year-old and loved the animals, “They’re so cute. I can’t tell which one is my favorite.”

Tulsa Animal Welfare director Jeanne Letcher taught both of them a lot about dogs and cats. This was a welcome lesson for Kevin as he has a keen interest in animals. He says he has this deep interest because, “Animals have personalities too. Sometimes they need to be adopted; they need to be cared for, just like kids need to be cared for.” Kevin was especially touched when he saw a mother dog care for her puppies.

Kevin enjoys school, especially math. Like most adolescent boys though, his favorite part of school? Lunch! “I have many choices. Pizza or salad. I like salad, carrots, bell peppers and spinach!”

He works up a hunger by playing outdoors. Kevin loves exploring in the woods. He told Keith, “I mostly look for arrowheads if I’m near a creek. I have a collection.”

It was not lost on Kevin why he wanted to visit Tulsa Animal Welfare. Like the animals, he needs to be cared for and would love to find a forever home. The one attribute he would love the most about a new home? “A family that cares about me, One where there are older siblings.”

If you have a place in your home for Kevin or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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