Waiting Child: Exploring Tulsa Botanic Garden with Shanelle


Tulsa, OKLA. - Where do you go if you love nature and being outdoors? Tulsa Botanic Garden of course, and that's exactly where our waiting child Shanelle wanted to go.

"I've never been here but I like nature a lot. I love the country so I thought it would be really pretty and nice to come out here and look," Shanelle said.

And she certainly got an eyeful thanks to the guidance of the garden's Lori Hutson. 14-year-old Shanelle told us life in the country is the best.

"It's just more quiet. I love the animals so out in the country is where you'll primarily see the animals. More nature and a lot more stuff to do in my opinion," she exclaimed.

Shanelle is a very smart young woman who does well in school, especially physical science and Oklahoma history. When she's home you might find her listening to country music, and she loves to sing.

"I like to sing, yes. People say I can sing but I just don't like to sing in front of everybody," she laughed.

Shanelle mentioned loving animals. When she graduates, she would like to pursue her love of nature and animals into a job.

"I want to be a vet mostly. Animals keep me calm, like it doesn't matter how mad I am, if I'm near and animal I stay calm. They make me happy," she said.

Having a family would make Shanelle happy as well, and it doesn't sound like it would take a lot to make her happy.

"Just someone who is caring and willing to take me in and be there," she said.

If you have a place in your forever home for Shanelle or if you are interested in any of the children we've featured on Waiting Child, Call 800-376-9729.

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