Waiting Child: Golfing with Mekko

    Waiting Child: Golfing with Mekko

    7-year-old Mekko got his first exposure to fold when we visited The Flying Tee in Jenks. Director of Golf Tracy Phillips showed Mekko the ropes, "Put a little flex in it. Alright. Just like that. When we swing, we're going to go back like this over your shoulder."

    Then we put on the feed bag and Mekko didn't need to be told twice- it was time to eat. "It was good." exclaimed Mekko, referring to the food.

    Not a golfer before our visit, Mekko confessed his favorite sport is still hoops, "I have one of the thunder balls." "Really? Where did you get it?" "From my cousin." His favorite player, no surprise, is Russell Westbrook.

    Like other kids his age, Mekko is into video games. Mekko telling Keith, "I just play." "What do you play?" " I just play other games."

    A young man of few words, Mekko says he like math, reading, and play time at school. He also has an interest in living on a farm, although he has never been to one. "No but I pet a horse." "You did? What did you think?" " I was nervous." "Was it fun. "Yeah."

    Mekko would love his forever family to live on a farm or have access to one. Mekko says he wants to have a family, "That has a lot of animals. and a not too many kids and i just want a mom and dad."

    If you have a place in your home for Mekko or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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