Waiting Child: In Heaven with Animals

    Keith and Heaven spent to morning at the Humane Society of Tulsa. (KTUL)<p>{/p}

    Keith and Heaven spent to morning at the Humane Society of Tulsa. The Humane Society is one of several rescue groups in the area, and certainly one of the busiest. “This morning we were at Animal Welfare and we pulled out about 55 animals,” said director Evan Fadem. Even gave Keith and Heaven a tour of the facility.

    Heaven loves dogs, cats, and just about any animal really. It was her idea to visit, “I’ll take you home with me! I wish I could keep her,” Heaven cooed into the ears of a cute puppy.

    “I would have all the animals in the whole world if I had a place to keep them!” Heaven is in the 9th grade and admits that she sometimes doesn’t give it her all. “I sometimes don’t get any work done. But I do listen and pay attention to the board. It’s not that I’m not paying attention.”

    She is very intelligent, asks great questions, listens well, is polite and when she’s home she loves watching Criminal Minds. “My favorite characters are Penelope, Agent Morgan, and Agent Rossi.”

    A forensic technician is a possible career goal for Heaven, but of course she is also interested in being a veterinarian. “All animals need someone to love them. I cry on every animal commercial.”

    Heaven needs to be loved as well. “I know my real mom still cares about me, but I’m running out of options. So, I would love a mom and a dad. Someone that will be there. Maybe a place that has animals!”

    If you have a place in your home for Heaven or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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