Waiting Child: Incredible Pizza with Ny'ell

Ny'ell had an incredible time with Keith Taylor at Incredible Pizza. (KTUL)

Not only did 13 year old Ny'ell take the checkered flag in this race at Incredible Pizza, he also had the time of his life. "It's awesome. I had a lot of fun, I really liked it." he said.

So many employees wanted him to have a good time, Ny'ell actually had his own posse following him around! "It actually makes me feel, kind of happy. I'm not used to a bunch of people following me around, but I can get used to it."

Ny'ell was described to Keith Taylor as a gentle giant and he's exactly that almost 6 feet tall, size 13 shoes and respectful, polite and very intelligent.

This fall, Ny'ell will enter the seventh grade. When asked about the upcoming school year Ny'ell told Keith Taylor, "I'm expecting harder classes i'm actually very good at language arts. Math has always been my least favorite subject."

He has an 11th grade reading level and loves books "Every night before I go to bed, I usually read." Ny'ell told Keith.

Because he's so tall, everyone always asks him about playing sports, saying, "I get that a lot. Bunch of people tell me I should be playing football or basketball, but I just never thought I would fit in. But people are telling me I would fit in."

When it comes to fitting in with a family, he doesn't have many requests, kids, pets, a mom and a dad and more importantly. "I would like to have a family that has my skin color. I'm not trying to be racist, but a family with me skin color ."

If you are ready to help Ny'ell have a forever family or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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