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Waiting Child: Painting with Myangel

Keith and Myangel went down to Purple Glaze on Brookside to paint an Easter basket. (KTUL)

Eleven-year-old Myangel is no stranger to purple glaze on Brookside.

"It was around Christmas time, so I painted a Christmas tree kind of like that." Myangel said, pointing to a ceramic mold of a Christmas tree.

Jeff, from Purple Glaze, helped guide Myangel to the perfect ceramic for this time of year: A basket full of Easter eggs. Next, it was time to pick a color.

"I like that color, that orange,” Myangel said, “Looks like a real Easter egg color.”

Myangel is in sixth grade and loves school, especially math and social studies. Just don't ask her about Oklahoma history. She said just recently she's become a better student.

"So just one day it clicked and you said, “I need to concentrate?”” Keith asked, “It took more than one day I think." Myangel replied.

Very honest, Myangel talked about sometimes having feelings of anger, but it's quickly obvious counseling has made a huge difference in her life.

"Sometimes you have to talk me through it.” Myangel said, “Sometimes you don't have to talk to me at all. I can calm down by myself. "

What makes Myangel the happiest?

“The mall! “ Myangel exclaimed.

She loves shoes, clothes, makeup and perfume.

"Girls love it.” Myangel said.

Myangel loves to go to church and wants her forever family to do so to. Her hope for a family, pretty simple.

"Any kind.” Myangel says, “As long as there are no bad people around their houses."

As for siblings, Myangel doesn’t have much of a preference. Her goal simple: Feel secure and loved.

If you're ready to give Myangel a forever home or if you're interested in providing one for any of the children we've featured on Waiting Child, call 1-800-376-9729.

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