Waiting Child: Playing Tunes with Austin

Austin jamming at The Music Store in Tulsa. (KTUL)

Playing guitar looks easy, but when you strap that instrument on “It’s kind of hard,” says Austin.

Ten-year-old Austin hung out with Keith at The Music Store near 31st and Mingo. He brought his own guitar and got a free lesson. Jim Ziegler showed Austin the basics and chatted about playing on their six strings.

“If you practice real hard, you’ll get good. And that’s cool,” reassured Jim. Austin’s guitar is an acoustic, but Jim brought out an electric for him to try out. But why such reverence for the axe?

“Because it’s better than any instrument I think. There are all these lines and reading the notes are easy.”

When he’s not picking his guitar, Austin is all about video games. And super heroes. He loves Batman and Superman. When asked which one is better though, his allegiance is clear, “Batman!”

In the fall Austin will enter the fifth grade. Math is his favorite subject. Why is it easy for him? “I have my ways, I use imagination. I pretend I’m at a store selling things.”

Austin is sharp and unafraid to ask questions for clarification.

When Keith asked about what he wants in a family Austin says, “I would love for there to be other kids. It doesn’t matter if they are older or younger.”

What does matter? An active family that loves music and is understanding of a young boy trying to grow.

If you have a place in your home for Austin or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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