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Waiting Child: Shooting hoops with Elijah and Keanu

Keith, Elijah and Keanu laced it up for some fun on the hardwood. (KTUL)

If the Golden State Warriors need a hand or two go get past the Cavs in the NBA Finals, we found a couple of young men willing to help out. Eleven-year-old Elijah and his seven-year-old brother Keanu are ready to come off the bench and contribute.

Tulsa University was kind enough to let us shoot hoops at their practice facility and these two boys absolutely lit it up. In addition to working up a sweat, they brothers got a couple t-shirts from the school as well.

Keith asked Elijah what his favorite part of the afternoon was, without hesitation he answered, “Swishing threes!”

Keanu wasn’t draining threes but did set a personal best for sinking consecutive free throws. “You hit four in a row? That’s pretty good, “an impressed Keith told Keanu.

Keanu is in the first grade and likes sports and hanging out with his friends, “With my buddies I like to talk. With them I like to play basketball and football. I keep beating them though.” Shyness is certainly not an issue with Keanu. He loves recess.

Elijah likes science experiments. He told Keith, “We used dirt and water. It got hard and sticky.”

Both boys do well in school and don’t have any issues talking with adults or getting along with other kids. Each brother hopes to make a permanent stop with the right family. They want to go places, play basketball together, and have parents that take part in school activities.

If you are ready to help Elijah and Keanu get the families they dream of or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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