Waiting Child: Zoo Adventure with Hayden

    Waiting Child: Zoo Adventure with Hayden

    Kalle Burgess from the Tulsa Zoo was going to give Hayden and I a tour of The Lost Kingdom, But it was actually Hayden who did most of the talking about the animals. He has a thirst for knowledge, especially when it comes to his love of animals. "The reason I like zoos is because I get to see all the animals." Hayden told Keith.

    And we saw a lot of animals, from the Komodo dragon to the Siamang monkeys. 12-year-old Hayden says his goal is to save and protect animals. He to Keith Taylor, "If there are animals that are becoming extinct, I would always want to help."

    While he loves animals, Hayden still finds time to play video games and spend time outside. He'll be in 6th grade this year and says his favorite thing about school is the field trips. When Hayden grows up he has an idea of what he would like to do. "Yes, I would like to work in a zoo." "What would your job be?" Probably feeding the animals."

    Until that time, Hayden is looking for a forever family and he has an idea of that this special family will be like. "Basically living on a farm with a bunch of animals. Chickens, i could go with them to get the eggs.""I would like older brothers and sisters, because I really like older brothers and sisters because they are good and cool."

    If you have a place in your home for Hayden or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.

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