Watch Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders' rally in Tulsa

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Rally in Tulsa (KTUL)

Supporters began claiming their spots three hours before he took the stage, and he met their thunderous applause with a personal greeting.

"Thank you Tulsa!" bellowed Sanders.

With topics ranging from Wall street to gay rights, he touched on nearly everything dear to his audience.

"I'm feeling the Bern," said Susan Frost. For her, one of Sander's strong points is his position on minimum wage.

"We are listening workers in Oklahoma and all across this country who are telling us they can not make it on $9 or $10 bucks an hour," said Sanders.

"I'm all for the $15 an hour for minimum wage," said Frost.

"We are listening to young people," said Sanders.

"I'm gonna be 18 on Saturday," said Judy Fisher, here with her family.

"Me and a lot of my friends we're really, we really care about social justice and social issues and things like that, and he just really says what we're thinking," she said.

"The reason I think that we are doing so well is that people are tired of the same old same establishment politics," said Sanders.

But the power of the establishment is what many people equate with his biggest challenge, Hillary Clinton.

Can he beat Hillary? "That is a big question right there," said Neil Fisher.

"I think it's probably an uphill battle, because of the establishment," said another supporter.

"She has a lot of good ideas. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against her but he's just a little better," said Judy Fisher.

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