'Bigfoot' expert says creature highly likely present in Oklahoma

    To many, if not most, it seems like a tall tale, but for some the answer is quite clear. (KTUL)

    It’s a legend older than all of us.

    A creature -- half man, half ape -- walking the woods.

    To many, if not most, it seems like a tall tale, but for some the answer is quite clear.

    Bigfoot is real.

    “I often in this research realize that we may not know everything that we think we know about the world around us,” said Lyle Blackburn.

    Blackburn is a cryptozoologist. He says he studies unknown creatures.

    “I’m a monster hunter basically,” he said.

    Blackburn says he’s been fascinated with bigfoot since he was a kid. He said the famous 1967 video helped kick start and hold his fascination.

    “It is one of the biggest and ongoing mysteries of our world. Are there huge man-like apes walking through our forests? If there are, how have they been able to manage being hidden and unproven thus far?” said Blackburn.

    He says there have been numerous bigfoot sightings in Oklahoma, which he says has the perfect geography for a creature to remain hidden.

    “I’ve been to the Ouachita (mountains) and researched over the years,” said Blackburn. “It’s one of those things that I think any minute now, there’s going to be some kind of proof or at least a better photo coming out of there. I think it’s a really good area.”

    In January, KTUL’s I-team aired a story with the North American Wood Ape Conservancy, a group made up of dozens of people, from scientists to veterans, who continue to study bigfoot. At the time of our interview, the group had recently published scientific research on bigfoot that was all based in Oklahoma.

    “I put Oklahoma way at the top of the list of places that could truly be a habitat for an animal like this,” said Blackburn.

    When asked directly whether he believes bigfoot exists, Blackburn says he’s heard countless reliable witnesses, but “for me personally, I would have to see it to give you that final answer. I think it is a definite possibility.”

    Blackburn is speaking Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 at the Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference in Oklahoma.

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