Bixby parents frustrated with school's silence on sexual assault investigation

Bixby parents frustrated with school's silence on sexual assault investigation. (KTUL)

They’re the team that’s brought much pride and honor to Bixby, and with another state football title in their sights this should be a fantastic week. But it’s not.

In fact, it’s a horrible week for Bixby with no signs of things getting any better soon as the school and the town cope with a scandal.

It’s a scandal not caused by the entire football team but allegedly a few. Police are investigating four high school football players for allegedly sexually assaulting their teammate.

While the investigation is shocking enough, Shawna Parsons said no one from the school administration is talking about it.

Channel 8 asked how Parsons thinks the school is handling the investigation.

“Well, so far they haven’t. They’ve had meetings behind closed doors. This is a subject that every parent that has a child in Bixby school district, regardless of their age, we need to know what’s going on,” said Parsons.

Parsons is a Bixby alumna and she has a daughter in school. She said while school officials have been silent, the community keeps talking.

“What are the circumstances? How it unfolded and how it’s being handled (that) needs to be relayed to us parents. Why hide behind closed doors?” said Parsons.

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On Friday, Channel 8 requested an interview from members on the board of education and the superintendent. Instead, they released a statement. While our photojournalist was getting video, school officials asked him to move.

The superintendent’s office told Channel 8 again Tuesday that they don’t have any further comments at this time.

“When something is wrong and we don’t have the courage to stand up and say this is wrong, all the way around. I’m taking my stand,” said Parsons.

Parsons says she's losing all faith in the system and even asked DHS to step out and say it's investigating too.

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