Department of Agriculture to consider new rules for poultry farms

Department of Agriculture to consider new rules for poultry farms; Chicken houses in Delaware County (KTUL)

It’s a feeling Michael Mingus searched for in Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas, but he found it in Delaware County in Oklahoma.

“It’s the most beautiful piece of property,” said Mingus. “We were going to name it ‘Amazing Grace’ and put it over the entrance to our property.”

He served 26 years in the Marine Corps. He’s currently fighting a new battle: cancer. According to him, it’s the result of the toxic fumes he inhaled while stationed in Afghanistan. Since then, he’s had to have all his teeth pulled and been on a semi-liquid diet.

“Afterwards, if I had any infection in my teeth, everyone gets them, the risk was too high, and I’d lose my jawbone,” said Mingus.

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He said he chose his place in the country for the clean air, water, and seclusion, but there’s potentially one new neighbor that may take it all away -- a poultry farm.

“I’m proud of my service, the risk(s) I took,” said Mingus. “I can’t risk it again.”

The piece of land up for sale is about a half a mile away from Mingus. It’s one of two proposed poultry operations that the Department of Agriculture hasn’t approved yet.

“No one can tell me, after what I’ve gone through, that something that the chicken farm puts in the air will not affect me,” said Mingus.

The Department of Agriculture is considering new rules for poultry farms Tuesday morning. Some of the proposed rules include keeping new farms a quarter of a mile away from “occupied” homes and a half a mile away from schools.

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Take a look at their proposed rules below:

“I fought for, so we as voters, free Americans, had an option that mattered,” said Mingus. “My opinion and my vote does not matter."

He’s planning on moving if the farm goes in. He can’t guarantee it won’t affect his health.

“That’s life,” said Mingus.

He said he’s happy he fought for his country, and he’s about beat cancer, but the poultry farm... that’s a battle he can’t fight.

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