Donations from all over the country help save Muskogee VA therapy dog

Donations from all over the country help save Muskogee VA therapy dog (KTUL)

There’s a special red wagon rolling around the Muskogee VA. Its owner and sole occupant is Honor.

“She doesn’t have her paw, I’ll be darned.”

On a Monday morning, tucked in her wagon, Honor finds a way to make even the toughest of veterans, like Robert “Fly” Miller, crack a smile.

“You’re just a cutie,” said Fly.

In May, you first met Honor. She’s a therapy dog with the toes missing on her back foot. In the weeks since, something hasn’t been right.

“The next day, I brought her in and she was limping again,” said Terri Woodworth, her handler. “I was like, Honor, what’s going on?”

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The prosthetic foot Honor has used since she was 10 months old finally started to slow her down. Soon, she could no longer walk the floors of the VA.

“She’s tough, really tough. She’ll go all day long and not tell you she’s hurting. You have to read her,” said Terri.

The pain became too much for the pup. The cost to replace her prosthetic was several thousand dollars, a new worry for Terri.

“With the specialist, when I called to quote that they said the first appointment is $170,” said Terri. “I was like, I don’t have that.”

She hoped a “Go Fund Me” would help get therapy started, but it did so much more. People from all over the country decided it was time Honor got a little saving.

“Stay, stay, stay,” said Terri, while holding Honor on her lap.

At the Tulsa Fab Lab, a non-profit that connects technology to people, Honor was being a really… really… good girl.

She spent over an hour sitting still, getting a 3D scan for a brand-new prosthetic, all paid for by donations.

There’s no saying how long it’ll take. She’s the first dog to be scanned here, so there will be some trial and error.

“This is exciting,” said Terri. “I didn’t think we’d get this in-depth of a scan or print of her paw."

Back at the VA, Fly can’t get enough of the dog that wheeled his way.

“She’s just missing her prosthetic today, so she’s riding in a wagon,” said Terri.

“She don’t have a prostethic?” asked Fly.

“She’s getting it redone; she’s missing a paw,” said Terri.

“Son of a b****, me too,” said Fly, gesturing to his own missing leg.

Whether it’s on three legs or four wheels, Honor always finds some way to spread joy.

“She brings joy. She brings happiness. She makes people smile,” said Terri.

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