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Haunted Oklahoma: The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie has 'issues'

Haunted Oklahoma: The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie has 'issues' (KTUL){p}{/p}
Haunted Oklahoma: The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie has 'issues' (KTUL)

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“I like to say the house has issues, because that is a multitude of things,” said Becky Luker.

It’s been a family home, a mortuary and now it’s an inn.

The 110-year old ‘Stone Lion Inn’ in Guthrie, Oklahoma has a unique history. If you ask certain people, some guests have never checked out.

“One of my guests just the other day, came out of this room and said, all night long I heard this music box,” said owner, Becky. “Where is that music box? I said, I don’t have a music box in this house.”

Becky said guests have told her they were woken up to a child patting their face. That’s just one example of decades of unexplained experiences. It all leaves Becky uneasy.

“I don’t like to come here by myself either! Why do you think I brought Grant?” said Becky.

When her son Grant was 14, the front door kept slamming shut. Grant said he kept opening it back up, he even put an old iron on the floor to prop it open. The iron was pushed out of the way and the door slammed shut still. He can’t explain it to this day.

“I guess that was probably the moment for me, when I was willing to say there was something in the house,” said Grant.

Christy Clark and OKPRI were the first people to investigate the Stone Lion Inn almost 18 years ago. Over the years they’ve collected voices, pictures and video.

Most of their findings happen on the second floor of the inn, where the guests sleep.

“To the spirits that are present here in the Stone Lion Inn, we’re back again,” said Christy. While she was speaking, their detectors went off.

While our cameras were rolling, something unusual happened.

Andrejs Dabars, the man behind the camera, swings the camera over to an empty hallway.

“Do you feel somebody behind you?” asked Christy.

“It felt like someone comes up on you really fast and they’re about to pull a prank on you,” said Andrejs. He said he immediately felt like someone was right behind him and was extremely cold. On top of that, all the hairs on his arms stood up and he was covered in goosebumps.

While this was going on, Christy said she saw an arm reaching out of the hallway. “You had someone standing in the door,” she told Andrejs.

Sudden temperature changes aren’t the only thing we captured that night. OKPRI sent us several voice recordings that night.

One of them was, “Do you hear what they are saying?”

A woman named Sarah, well known to Christy and her team, also made an appearance. “Sarah, good sister.”

Another voice whispered, “liar,” while we were chatting with everyone

One recording captured, “I’m scared.”

When we had stopped filming and were talking with the crew, Andrejs saw something out of the corner of his eye. While everyone was in the main room, he saw a paper towel roll tossed in the kitchen. No one was in the room at the time. OKPRI captured that all on a recorder and we could hear the paper towel roll hitting the counter top.

“You couldn’t pay me enough money to stay at the Stone Lion Inn by myself,” said Christy.

Does the house have issues?

“I think we’ll find out, maybe somebody will,” said Becky.

Or is what we captured on the night of a full moon, (yes, that’s when we scheduled our shoot), just creepy?

“I will not come to this house by myself,” said Grant.

You’ll have to find out for yourself, if you’re willing to stay the night.

Happy Halloween.

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