In spite of judge ruling, fight to continue over Helmerich Park

In spite of judge ruling, fight to continue over Helmerich Park (KTUL)

The battle over Helmerich Park continues after a judge ruled the city has the right to sell the park.

Herb Beattie is one of multiple people suing the city over the sale of the park. He said when he heard the judge’s decision this morning, he was disappointed. However, he said they plan to appeal the decision and that could anywhere from six to 12 months.

“What a terrible precedent to be able to have a mayor decide to give away a park to some out of state developer to put a shopping center in,” said Beattie.

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In 2017, the city declared the lot abandoned in order to sell it to a developer.

“No- nobody from Tulsa ever had a chance to buy this property. It was never offered for sale. It was a giveaway at a ridiculously low price,” said Beattie.

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On Thursday, Mayor G.T. Bynum released this statement:

“We appreciate Judge Sellers’ ruling in this case. This has never been a matter of winning or losing. My chief concern every step of the way has been that we are doing the right thing, so I am thankful for this independent and impartial judicial review of the process.”

“I am thankful for the unwavering commitment of the developers who wish to invest in our city.

“I also have nothing but admiration for the plaintiffs in this matter. I know their pursuit of this matter is based in their desire to do what is best for Tulsa. Should they appeal, as they have indicated they will, I respect that decision and we will proceed accordingly.

“Lastly, I want to thank the City Council. Had they not taken the action they did last year, the development would now be free to proceed with an inferior design that did not contribute to the overall park experience. The Council’s action wisely protected Tulsans’ best interest by insisting on improvements to the site design and terms of the agreement that will ultimately be a win-win for all parties involved.”

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