1st day of testimony in Shannon Kepler's 3rd murder trial off to tense start

Shannon Kepler seen here during his third murder trial for the shooting death of Jeremey Lake. (KTUL)

The first day of testimony in the case against Shannon Kepler started with some tough questions for the prosecution's star witness, Lisa Kepler.

Lisa was Jeremey Lake's girlfriend and was with him the night he was shot and killed in 2014.

The former Tulsa police officer has said he shot Lake in self defense after he saw Lake with a gun. The prosecution said that's not true. Shannon Kepler has faced two different juries and neither could reach a unanimous decision on the murder charge, though the first jury did convict him of two misdemeanor gun charges.

Lisa Kepler told prosecutors Lake didn't own a gun and that she'd never seen him with one.

Defense attorney Richard O'Carroll asked several questions including whether or not she'd lost her teeth from drug use.

The judge sustained the prosecution's quick objection.

Lisa Kepler, who is currently in the Creek County Jail on drug charges, took the stand in civilian clothes. Although O'Carroll was permitted by the judge to ask her if she'd made any deals for her testimony, he did not.

The prosecution played a recording of the 911 call Lisa Kepler made the night Lake was killed. In it, she can be heard screaming to the operator that her dad is a cop and he shot Lake.

Several other witnesses took the stand Friday, eople who were there the night the shots rang out. All of them said they tried to help Lake as he lay bleeding on the ground, gasping for breath.

None of those witnesses said they saw a gun on Lake or near his body, lending no help to the defense's argument that Kepler shot Lake in self defense after seeing Lake with a gun.

The trial picks up again next week after the holiday.

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