6 GOP house members who voted against tax hike to fund teacher raise ousted in primary

A view of the Oklahoma State Capitol (KOKH)

Six more incumbent Republican state House members in Oklahoma lost their jobs Tuesday, and all six voted against a tax hike used to fund a teacher pay raise.

The tax hike on fuel, cigarettes and energy production was used to pay for an average teacher pay raise of $6,100 annually, the first salary increase in a decade. But 19 House Republicans voted against it, and many of them are paying for it at the ballot box.

Of the 19 House Republicans who voted against the tax hike, eight have now been defeated. Seven others decided not to run. Only four have advanced to the general election.

Incumbent representatives who lost Tuesday are: Reps. Bobby Cleveland, Jeff Coody, Travis Dunlap, George Faught, Mike Ritze and Tess Teague, according to complete but unofficial results.

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