Neighborhood campaigns for safer streets

Election season may be over, but the campaign in Brady Heights has just begun.

"We have about 65 signs in the neighborhood," said resident Dani Widell.

Red, white, and hoping to catch the attention of you. Neighborhood residents posted the signs in response to speedy and reckless drivers in the neighborhood.

"Drive like your kids live here," said Lauren Mings. She said the speed of traffic in the area is "unnerving" due to the number of children around.

Chas Higgins, who lives in the neighborhood, says there is a wreck in front of his home "every six months." Wes Alexander said a driver smashed into multiple vehicles on the side of this road last weekend.

"My car got hit by another car, and then our neighbor's car got hit, their neighbor got hit," Higgins said.

Higgins said a child was actually hit by a car while chasing a ball in the street. The family decided to move to a much calmer street in the same neighborhood.

"Her tibia and fibula got broken," Higgins said. "She went to school in a wheelchair for a while."

Nine months ago, members of the neighborhood asked the city to look into ways to calm traffic. They haven't seen any progress, so they took things into their own hands.

"As of yet we haven't seen any products of those efforts so we sort of took measures into our own hands in doing the signs," Widell said.

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