A wilder take on compost coming to the Oklahoma City Zoo

A wilder take on compost coming to the Oklahoma City Zoo (KOKH/FILE)

Talk about a literal crapload, but in the best possible way. The Oklahoma City Zoo will be making compost available for purchase. The zoo along with a local landscaping company has developed Zoo Poo.

It may look like dirt but this here is brown gold. That is what the Oklahoma City Zoo is calling their new compost product Zoo Poo.

Minick Materials is helping the zoo manage it's ever-growing 15-year-old compost heap.

“Depending on the components and moistures, and so forth, it could take different amount of times, but typically we are composting in 120 days,” says Jason Huffakre, Minick Materials operations manager.

It took a month and 60 truckloads to move the zoo's compost heap. It was enough to fill 2/3's of an Olympic sized pool. The zoo plans to use some of the compost themselves, and some of it will be for sale to the public. Huffaker with Minick Materials says using compost can be a money-saving move.

“It helps them reduce the need for fertilizer, and also reduce the need for water,” says Huffaker.

The Zoo Poo is made using compost waste from herbivores, plant clippings, organic animal bedding, and chipped bamboo. Carnivore waste is not included because it doesn't benefit soil as much. The Zoo Poo is not available for purchase yet, but zoo officials say they will make an announcement soon.

Probably more than you ever wanted to know about poo.

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