Affidavit: 5 Bixby football players admitted to sexual assault of teammate


An affidavit filed Tuesday in Rogers County has revealed new details about the ongoing sexual assault investigation of several Bixby High School football players.

Investigators say they have written statements from five juveniles "admitting their various levels of participation in the sexual assault of the victim and the video recording of the sexual assault," according to the newly released court documents. In November, news broke that a 16-year-old student reported to investigators that several teammates held him down and assaulted him with a pool stick during a gathering at Bixby Superintendent Kyle Wood's home.

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Wood has since resigned as superintendent, but the district has maintained that they did not attempt to cover up the incident or the subsequent investigation.

The affidavit also unveils new details about a possible timeline of events before law enforcement got involved. Authorities are investigating whether school district officials tried to avoid reporting the incident and subsequently interfere with the investigation.

According to the search warrant affidavit, on Oct. 26, Athletic Director Jay Bittle took a written statement from the victim describing the assault and contacted the student's parents the same day. The victim's mother told investigators she didn't know the extent of the incident until Oct. 31, according to court documents.

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The first known reporting of the assault to authorities was Oct. 31, 2017, when several school officials met with a Bixby police officer, court documents show. Investigators say those present at the meeting indicated that Wood would not allow them to report the incident to police until the morning of Nov. 2, 2017.

The documents also detail one parent's alleged attempt to interfere with the investigation. One student who met with investigators admitted to filming the sexual assault, but the student's parents told investigators that a parent of one of the students involved offered to purchase the cell phone containing the video evidence, according to court documents. The phone has since been turned over to investigators.

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